Ventana Today

In 2008, Ventana became a wholly owned member of the Roche Group, and is the tissue diagnostic business unit within Roche Diagnostics. The combined efforts of Ventana and Roche will only accelerate the development of next-generation predictive, prognostic, and diagnostic tests.

It is our commitment to provide pathologists with a patient focused solution for all critical steps involved in the analysis of tissue biopsies because it’s vital to patient lives. These product innovations represent major shifts in technology that reinforce the demand for automated diagnostic instruments and tests that go beyond answering the patient’s first question: “Do I have cancer?”

At Ventana, we know that future innovations must help healthcare providers accurately answer many more critical patient questions, such as:

What do I have?
Will I survive?
Will my treatment work?

“We will not rest until every cancer patient receives access to the highest-quality information, therapy options, and individualized care we know is possible.”

Dr. Thomas Grogan, Founder, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.