Workflow Consulting

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Workflow Consulting

Workflow Consulting Solution

from Ventana empowers today’s highly complex labs to simplify, streamline, and succeed. Your partner in Lean automation for years, we are expanding our hands-on services to help you maximize your results and lower your costs.

Lean Six Sigma

These are big buzz words in today’s top-performing industries. But the best, most powerful tools in the world are worthless until we learn to use them in our everyday lives. What do the words really mean, and how will they help you run your lab at maximum efficiency every day? Our workflow consultants will help you understand and apply Lean principles to address the real-world issues you face in your lab.

What’s on YOUR mind?

I need faster turnaround times and greater efficiency.

  • Standardize your processes to ensure consistent quality outcomes
  • Optimize your workflow to reduce sample transport time, wait time, and waste
  • Identify where adding Ventana products can eliminate non value-added activities

I need to improve performance without increasing cost.

  • Recommend staffing model adjustments to balance your workflow and reduce overtime
  • Review layout designs that maximize the use of space at your facility

I need to reduce errors and minimize risk.

  • Locate potential sources of mislabeling and cross contamination in your lab’s workflow
  • Suggest improvements to accurately track rework and reduce its occurrence
  • Share patient safety best practices/lessons learned from across the US

Better together

Optimize the impact of workflow consulting with the VANTAGE workflow solution—for real-time insight into your lab’s productivity, plus dashboards to help you identify quality trends and track turn around time improvements.