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education and collaboration software

VENTANA Vector software is a new tool for pathology training and collaboration that is transforming medical education and non-clinical collaboration with anytime, anywhere delivery of consistent, interactive materials — on any device with a web browser.

The VENTANA Vector software can help create an interactive learning experience for teaching or share scanned images with colleagues for pathology training and collaboration, providing a cost-effective non-clinical image-sharing platform for education and collaboration.


The software provides all the tools you need to build an interactive course for pathology, from course development to student evaluation.

  • Increase student engagement and facilitate education.
  • Enable anytime/anywhere access to materials — including rare or valuable samples.
  • Provide standardized content, so all students can learn from the exact same materials.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs associated with providing access to specialized resources, such as slide sets and multihead microscopes.
  • Manage content and evaluations with flexible tools based on teaching or project objectives.


The VENTANA Vector software also offers a simple, cost-effective platform for non-clinical collaboration. Easily share scanned images with colleagues anywhere, anytime, with software that is:

  • Fully compatible with VENTANA iScan HT and iScan Coreo scanners.
  • Able to upload and view various whole slide image formats.
  • A flexible collaboration platform for non-clinical case sharing and education.

Roche provides an industry-leading portfolio of validated products for anatomic pathology labs with the compatibility, power and convenience of a trusted single source — empowering labs, pathologists and health care professionals with the confidence they need to transform their practice.