SYMPHONY fully automated, one-touch H&E process

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H&E slide staining

The VENTANA SYMPHONY system brings individual slide staining and full automation—from drying to coverslipping—to the histology lab. With the SYMPHONY system, a histology lab can reach new levels of productivity, safety, and quality.


The SYMPHONY system provides one-touch, walk-away automation for H&E slide processing to increase histology lab productivity, and it integrates with the VENTANA VANTAGE workflow solution to bring lean workflow to histology.


The SYMPHONY system can help ensure the safety of patients, technicians, and a lab's reputation. Individual slide staining reduces the opportunity for cross contamination between slides. The SYMPHONY system with the VANTAGE workflow solution provides visibility and chain of custody for patient samples through the laboratory and into the pathologist's hands. Xylene-free processing via SYMPHONY Clear, a xylene substitute, reduces a laboratory technician exposure to hazardous chemicals.


The SYMPHONY system's proprietary reagents enable fresh reagent application on every slide to ensure consistent staining throughout the workday, unlike results from degraded reagents in dip-and-dunk methods. The individual application of fresh reagent to each slide produces exceptional clarity and improved visibility of micro-anatomic detail.

Case Studies

Stainer Bath

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