iScan Coreo digital pathology slide scanner

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iScan Coreo

Slide Scanner

The iScan Coreo slide scanner serves as the springboard for a total digital pathology environment in the anatomic pathology lab. It provides high speed brightfield slide scanning, improved image quality, and advanced slide handling. The iScan Coreo slide scanner is packaged with advanced image viewing software, offering pathologists and histotechnologists the ability to view and annotate digital images of scanned slides.

iScan Coreo Live Mode is a unique feature of the iScan Coreo slide scanner, that distinguishes it from other systems in the digital pathology industry. iScan Coreo Live is a web based application designed to enable remote microscopy and live telepathology applications. Pathologists using iScan Coreo Live can connect to the iScan Coreo scanner from a remote location and review the slides within the system, without being in the same location as the glass slide.

Paired with our Virtuoso digital pathology software, iScan Coreo provides users with a complete digital pathology solution from image acquisition through customized reporting, increasing operational efficiencies and productivity in the lab.

iScan Coreo. Pathology. Advanced.

  • High speed brightfield scanning — a 15 x 15 mm tissue area can be scanned in less than two minutes at 20X
  • Automatic slide detection for walk-away scanning, random access to the slide rack
  • Automated turret with four objectives, for optical brightfield scanning at 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X magnifications
  • Autoloader for walk-away scanning of up to 160 slides
  • Crisp, responsive, high quality images at all magnifications
  • Automatic tissue region identification with option to manually override
  • Volume scanning with the ability to capture multiple z-plane images
  • Integrated with image viewing software that supports annotation and precise digital measurements
  • iScan Coreo Live Mode facilitates remote microscopy for telepathology applications

iScan Image Viewer

  • Windows application used to view local and remote iScan images instantly
  • Precise digital tools for annotation, measurement and cell counting
  • Simultaneous multiple image viewing
  • View images at magnifications ranging from 1x to 80x (*80x achieved with digital zoom)
  • Export areas of interest