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VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains

Automated Slide Stainer

The new VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains automated slide stainer brings complete baking through staining to the histology laboratory for special stains, so your lab can consistently deliver exceptional quality.

Superior special stains workflow efficiency

Eliminate manual processes and temperature dependencies with automated deparaffinization and independent slide heating.

Consistent quality

Deliver high quality stains every time.

Reduced risk

Decrease technician risk with individual slide staining and reduced exposure to harmful chemicals.

Building on the industry-leading VENTANA BenchMark platform technology, Ventana brings you a new Special Stains instrument that will empower you to expand your laboratory's capabilities.

A new level of automation for Special Stains brings you improved efficiencies:

  • Baking through staining
  • Random batch access
  • Bulk and waste fluid sensing
  • Operate with the intuitive VENTANA System Software user interface used with BenchMark ULTRA
  • Experience CareGiver remote support