Lung cancer diagnostics

The statistics associated with lung cancer clearly demonstrate the aggressive nature of this deadly disease. Together with Roche, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana) offers you a robust menu of tools to aid in the diagnosis of patients facing this challenge. Our portfolio of products delivers the high sensitivity and specificity you need from your assays.

Our antibodies are ready to use on the fully automated VENTANA BenchMark IHC/ISH staining platforms, reducing the time-to-result and resources required with manual or semi-automated solutions. VENTANA prediluted, optimized reagents consistently demonstrate superior performance when compared to concentrated antibodies that require manual dilution and in-house validation.(1)

The VENTANA ALK (D5F3) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody is intended for laboratory use in the detection of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) protein in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue. This antibody is optimized for use on the BenchMark XT and BenchMark GX IHC/ISH automated slide stainers in combination with OptiView DAB IHC Detection and OptiView Amplification kits.

p40 (BC28) Mouse Monoclonal Primary Antibody is a ready-to-use IHC antibody that enables you to evaluate the expression of p40 (ΔNp63) protein with clinical confidence using the OptiView DAB IHC Detection Kit.

p40 (BC28) is shown to be as sensitive as p63 (4A4) in non-small cell lung cancer but more specific. We recommended the use of p40 instead of p63 for subclassifying non-small cell lung cancer to avoid falsely interpreting p63+ adenocarcinoma as belonging to the category of squamous cell carcinoma.(2,3)

In a panel with other key markers in our portfolio (TTF-1, CK 5/6, Napsin A), p40 (BC28) can help you confidently differentiate between lung adenocarcinoma (ADC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).(4)


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