VENTANA HE 600 system

Master the art and science of H&E staining

Roche Diagnostics continues its leadership in laboratory innovation with the next generation H&E staining solution – the VENTANA HE 600 system. This instrument will empower your lab to achieve high levels of workflow efficiency, stain quality, and improved safety through unprecedented flexibility in the pathology laboratory. Discover more about what this pathology laboratory instrument can do for you:

The VENTANA HE 600 system provides optimal efficiency by reducing touch points and wait points in the H&E process. Consolidating ovens, stainers, and coverslipping into a single pathology instrument provides end-to-end automation, enabling your lab to do more with less.

The VENTANA HE 600 system improves patient and technologist safety. Using individual slide staining technology, fresh clinical reagents are dispensed on every slide, which mitigates reagent carryover and tissue cross-contamination in the H&E process. Plus, this pathology laboratory equipment significantly reduces histotechnologist exposure to harmful reagents.


  • Individual slide staining provides unparalleled levels of stain consistency and reproducibility to ensure your first slide of the day has the same level of quality as your last
  • Ready-to-use reagents that are certified and tested for quality to provide consistent, high-quality stains

Workflow and Efficiency

  • Consolidating slide drying, staining and coverslipping into a single pathology instrument frees up your staff from non-value added activities like monitoring slide rack status and manual slide rack transport
  • Reduce hands-on time for maintenance with ready to use reagents. Eliminate daily and/or weekly reagent reservoir “bumps” and reservoir cleaning

Patient Safety

  • Individual slide staining mitigates tissue cross contamination in the H&E staining process
  • Positive patient ID via barcode sample tracking

Lab Safety

  • Removal of Xylene and Alcohol from H&E process, coupled with ready to use reagents creates a safer working environment by reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals

Product characteristics

  • Throughput: 180 – 200 slides per hour at mid stain protocols
  • System integration from drying through glass coverslipping
  • Easily customizable staining protocols for unmatched staining flexibility
  • Enables over 400 customized protocols to optimize staining
  • Barcode tracking provides full chain of custody
  • LIS connectivity through the VENTANA workflow solutions
  • CareGiver remote support provides continuous monitoring and remote service for VENTANA HE 600 system
  • Direct-to- drain waste disposal (optional)


Why should a pathologist refuse to settle for good enough? Because patients deserve more than good enough! As physicians, we should always strive for excellence and approach patient care by asking ourselves how we can make it better.”

— Dr. Sandra Mueller on the quality of H&E stains from the VENTANA HE 600 system

H&E Case Study

Case study: Advancements in H&E staining at Stamford Hospital