Deliver diagnostic confidence

We offer you the globally trusted solution only Roche Diagnostics can offer: the world’s largest menu of ready-to-use assays, optimized for use on our proven BenchMark platforms, plus expertise in seven key disease states and a full pipeline of companion diagnostics to meet your needs now — and in the future.

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deliver diagnostic confidence

Cancer diagnostic solutions

Your foundation for clinical confidence
We deliver highly sensitive and specific IHC/ISH detection kits, antibodies and probes that help you build your practice. Perform the most clinically valuable tests on the market today in your own lab.

Roche Diagnostics disease state solutions

25 years of proven automation

Clinical platforms for every stage of adoption
Confidence begins with knowing your IHC/ISH diagnostic solution is clinically sound, technically strong and designed to improve the future for you and your patients.

BenchMark ULTRA

BenchMark XT

BenchMark GX

More than 180 partnerships for companion diagnostics

Helping to deliver the promise of personalized healthcare
In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, we identify and develop innovative companion diagnostics to target those patients who are likely to respond to specific therapies.

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Together, we touch the lives of 11 million patients a year.

When patients are counting on you, count on us.

Lisa is a HER2 positive breast cancer patient who is celebrating her sixth year in remission.

She knows that the HER2 test and targeted therapy made a difference.

She loves her life and doesn’t spend her precious time wondering what will happen next.

She doesn’t look for medical information online.

She looks to you.

Patient stories

The Roche diagnostics solution

A global leader in tissue-based cancer diagnostics, we provide anatomic pathology laboratories with a fully integrated, comprehensive solution that consistently delivers quality, efficiency and safety:


  • Innovative, fully automated platforms
  • Unique, differentiated assays
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Digital pathology and workflow
  • Customer support and consulting

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