History of innovation inspires our future

Dr. Thomas GroganVentana Medical Systems, Inc., was founded in 1985 by a professor and practicing pathologist, Dr. Thomas Grogan. In the mid 1980s, Grogan and a small team of highly skilled and dedicated doctors, scientists, and engineers pioneered the automation and standardization of tissue biopsy testing. The team pursued a shared vision to deliver test results to patients faster, but it didn’t end there. Knowing that tissue contains a wealth of information that is vital beyond diagnosis, they expanded their mission to research the chemistry of cancer biopsies. Tissue-based assays have enabled physicians to personalize diagnosis and treatment options for individual cancer patients.  

Today, this patient-centered approach and spirit of innovation continues to drive Ventana forward. It inspires us to continuously innovate pathology by improving laboratory efficiency and by generating new assays to address unmet medical needs. Through the use of automation, laboratory turnaround times have decreased from several weeks to a few days. Patients and their physicians spend less time waiting for results, and more time fighting the disease.

Further inspired by the sequencing of the human genome, Ventana has pioneered collaborations with cancer researchers, technology innovators, and drug makers, to enable the discovery of new targets for cancer therapeutics, and the development of new tests that can identify patients who will most likely benefit from these therapies. Known as Personalized Healthcare, this discipline is the sole focus for Translational Diagnostics — a Ventana team that collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to develop companion diagnostics for cancer therapeutics.

Ventana has grown to be the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of tissue-based diagnostic instruments and tests focused on the detection of cancer. Ventana employees continue to pursue the same deeply rooted vision of innovating diagnostic testing to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer worldwide.