Our Commitment

Making a Difference

commitmentCancer affects millions of people around the world every day. Whether it touches you or a loved one, the impact is overwhelming. Ventana was established 25 years ago to help histology labs improve patient care through the power of innovation. Our commitment to cancer patients and their families drives our global mission, and resonates in every aspect of our business.

At Ventana, we are dedicated to improving patients’ lives, supporting a healthy and unified community, and preparing future innovators of science who will advance cancer care.

Our philanthropic efforts focus on dedicated time and donations that prioritize cancer-related charitable organizations that educate and empower patients and their families to fight cancer. For example, Ventana partners with Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, and many local cancer support foundations such as the Bag It Foundation. Additionally, through the Ventana Volunteers program, employees volunteer their time at local events, local hospitals, and many other initiatives that support cancer awareness and education in the community. Ventana feels strongly about getting involved and making a difference.

Our commitment to patients is guided by science, because we know that science is the foundation for delivering high medical value tests that ultimately improve patients’ lives. In that spirit, we are actively involved in a wide range of community programs that enhance science education for our younger generation. One such initiative is “Ventana Young Scientist Day,” an event that hosts more than 90 high school students from neighboring school districts, and teaches them about the real-world importance of science education in cancer diagnostics. A rich tradition of scientific and medical innovation is one of the driving forces behind our commitment to enhancing science education and motivating young scientists of the future.

In addition to the programs mentioned here, Ventana implements site-level humanitarian appeals in the event of an emergency or disaster.


Contact Information

For more information about Ventana philanthropic programs, please contact the Corporate Communications office.