Breast Cancer Patient Stories

Learn more about how we deliver diagnostic confidence to breast cancer patients everywhere.

Nicole, Breast Cancer Survivor

Nicole’s story

When Nicole turned 40, her best friend urged her to get her first mammogram. “You’re the best mom I know – you’ll do anything for your kids,” said her friend, who had lost his mom to breast cancer years before. “Do this for your kids.” She made an appointment, had the test and a few days later got the call. Read more.

Erin, Breast Cancer Survivor

Erin’s story

Erin, a vivacious, green-eyed 40-something was on her way to the top. She was a pathologist – a doctor who diagnoses cancer and helps to guide patient therapy – and she had applied for a new position at Roche Tissue Diagnostics, a leading cancer diagnostics company. She got the job. She got the low-down on the local team’s purpose: to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. And she got her annual mammogram. Read more.

Lisa, Breast Cancer Survivor

Lisa’s story

What can testing and targeted treatment mean for a breast cancer patient?

For survivor Lisa Wolfe, it means seeing her baby granddaughter come into the world. It means celebrating the upcoming high school graduation of her two youngest children and spending her days with the love of her life, her husband, Stephen.

“Life is awesome,” says Lisa, a six-year breast cancer survivor. “I have a beautiful granddaughter. My business has taken off. And I am still alive. That’s the best thing ever.” Read more.


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